貸款術語名詞解釋 (Glossary of Mortgage Terms)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)總費用年百分率: The rate of interest on a yearly basis, which includes charges on the mortgage loan and the interest payment.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)浮動式利率: A home loan program in which the interest rate and the monthly payment are adjusted at regular intervals according to the changes in a specified index.

Bridge loan幫助買房的短期信貸: A short-term loan used to quickly effect a sale while pending more conventional real estate financing. While not popular, a bridge loan can be useful particularly for certain commercial real estate deals.

Credit Score信用分數: A numerical quantity reflecting a borrower’s credit worthiness. Used by lenders to find out the risk in approving a home loan.

Closing貸款過程到交屋: The final step in the loan process when the seller transfers title to the buyer, the buyer signs the loan documents and receives the loan amount from the lender.

Closing Costs買房過程到交屋費用: Fees paid by the borrower at closing. These include charges for originating and processing the loan.

Closing Disclosure (CD)揭示所有貸款、買房費用: This will replace final Truth-In-Lending Disclosure (TIL) and final HUD-1.

Contingency搓合時期: Any one of a number of common clauses added to real estate agreements that provide buyer or seller rights during various stages of a transaction.

Deed契約: An official and public document that establishes property ownership.

Default違約: Inability of borrower to make regular and consecutive payments on a loan.

Depreciation折舊: The measure of loss in value of a home or property. Depreciation could be driven by poor economic factors or property damage.

Down Payment頭期款: The amount of cash, which the homebuyer pays towards the purchase price at closing.

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI):負債比 The ratio of the monthly debt to the pre-tax gross monthly income.

Escrow Account代書帳戶: Bank account into which lender deposits part of the monthly payments made by borrower. The deposits include payments towards property taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance.

Fixed Rate Mortgage固定利率: A home loan program on which the interest rate does not vary throughout the life of the loan.

FHA聯邦優惠貸款: Federal Housing Administration.

Housing Ratio: The ratio of the monthly housing costs to the pre-tax gross monthly income.

Intent To Proceed (ITP): No fee may be collected other than for a credit report before (ITP) is received.

Loan Estimate (LE): This will replace initial Truth-In-Lending Disclosure (TIL) and Good Faith Estimate (GFE).

Maturity: Typically applied to the term of a home loan or mortgage; the life span of a mortgage; for example, a 15-year loan matures in 15 years, the period of time in which the debt must be paid off.

Mortgagee and Mortgagor: The former is the lender offering the loan and the latter is the borrower.

Mortgage: A legal process by which you can take out a loan against your own property – residential or commercial. The same property is held as the security for the repayment of the debt.

Mortgage Note: It is your written promise to pay off the loan amount on certain terms and conditions. The note also mentions what the lender is likely to do if you default.

Payment Cap: For an adjustable rate mortgage, this is the maximum payment amount a buyer could ever be expected to pay per month.

Pre-qualification貸款試算表: The process in which a homebuyer may find out how much of a home loan he or she would be approved for with a lender; gives many buyers more flexibility when shopping for a home.

Private Mortgage Insurance: Insurance policy offered by an insurance company in order to protect the lender from losses if the borrower defaults on his payments.

Rate lock/Lock-in鎖定利率: A written commitment, which guarantees a fixed rate on your loan for a certain time period before closing. Usually, rates are locked for 30, 45 or 90 days till the closing date.

Short sale短期急售: Useful tool for lenders and homeowners when foreclosure could be a worst-case scenario. In a real estate short-sale lenders give homeowners permission to discount the home value (an outstanding loan balance) to affect a quick sale, thereby averting foreclosure.

Title產權: The official document used in the real estate industry that specifies at any one time that owns a piece of property.

Title Company產權公司: A title company typically handles all tasks associated with the property title, including insurance and search.

Title insurance產權保險: Insurance taken out on the property title that protects both borrower and lender in the event of a title dispute.

Total Interest Percentage (TIP)總費用年百分率: The total amount of interest paid over the loan term as a percentage of the loan amount.

Underwriter 貸款審核員: The company or service that evaluates a borrower’s creditworthiness prior to loan and mortgage approval.

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