Do you know the possible tax benefit from selling your primary residence? Thinking about 1031 exchange? Right now, it is a seller’s market in the Bay Area. With near record-low interest rates and low inventory, it is a good time to sell your property.



If you are thinking about selling your house in the Bay Area, here is what Maggie’s team can do for you. Please see the listing process below.


#1 上市1-2個月前:先讓我為你做一個presentation,了解我是怎麼賣房子、其中怎麼開價、協助修繕(包括選購remodel材料,選擇油漆顏色、規劃修繕流程等)、還有我們的攝影(3D、video團隊)、Staging、Gardener(需不需要種草、重鋪草、mulch、修樹、剪樹)、與工班修繕(粉刷、Caulking、微裝修),幫你的房子升級到最佳顏值,房子準備好了之後要如何行銷房子,幫助屋主做到最大的曝光值,賣到最好的價錢。

屋主請詳細告知房子有沒有remodel、 有沒有改建過(With or without permit)

Up to two months prior to listing on the market: I will go over my listing service presentation, which explains the entire selling process and the paperwork involved:

  1. Determine the listing price based on the current market condition and recent comparable transactions
  2. Manage a minor remodeling process (as needed)
    1. Review property remodel history (with or without permit) to determine the best bang-for-the-buck upgrades
    2. Advise on material selection: paint color, flooring material, countertop, etc.
    3. Oversee the remodeling process
  3. Staging
    1. Highlight the property to create the best first impression
  4. Landscaping (if applicable)
    1. Lawn/mulch/tree trimming to showcase a well-cared for home
  5. Media creation
    1. Custom website with 3D tour and video advertisement
  6. Maximize views by targeted buyer (by price level, age group, etc.) via social media ad buys

#2 上市前四周:請讓我在上市1個月前看過房子,了解屋況與所需工程,這樣才能把時程安排妥當。

4 weeks prior to listing: in-person meeting at the property to assess the current condition and finalize upgrade/staging/landscaping plans

#3 上市前三周:會開始進行打掃、修繕、粉刷、輕裝修與維修。如果有裝修,需下定材料,安排裝修。

3 weeks prior to listing: getting the property updated/touched-up for staging

#4 上市前兩周:Order Listing sign, 向社區管理單位訂HOA的文件(如果有HOA)、開Escrow專戶,發Title Report、還有下定NHD Report、房屋檢查。在Redfin放上Coming Soon,已經在我個人加入的Facebook Agent Group、公司的全體信箱、Wechat Group宣傳Coming Soon訊息

2 weeks to-go: order the listing sign, order HOA docs (if applicable), open an escrow account, obtain the title report, NHD (natural hazard disclosure) report, house inspection report.  Start social media campaign and notification on Redfin/Zillow

#5上市前一周:安排Staging、房屋檢查、完成屋主Seller Disclosure Package

1 week to-go: Staging: final walk-through (agent visual inspection disclosure), complete the seller disclosure package

#6 上市最後確認:鞋套、洗手液、盆栽、Disclosure&reports上傳完畢、Set up showing的calendar、Host Open House

1 day to go: provide shoe covers, sanitizers, upload disclosures/reports, setup showing calendar/open house calendar

#7 上市期間:Showing回報、巡邏防盜、防Homeless入住、觀察人氣Set up Offer due date

On the market!  Provide on-going showing statistics and determine the offer due date based on showing popularity

#8 Offer due day:Preview offers、Go over offers with the seller、拉價錢、選offer…

Offer due day: Offer comparison/review (% down payment, proof of income, contingencies, check-in with the loan officer, etc.)

#9 貸款期間:確認估價師行程、確認貸款流程順利、撤除Staging

In contract!  Help with the appraisal and loan process, remove staging

#10 Close of Escrow:打掃、最後交屋交鑰匙。

Close of Escrow!  Final cleaning and ensure the property is smoothly handed over to the buying agent


While this might not appear to be an overly complex process, the devil is always in the details.  Having an experienced agent who understands the current market, knows how to get the right eyeballs to see the listing, and quickly mitigates any unexpected/unforeseen issues during this whole process will ensure a smooth transaction at a great price!

Our Listing Fee Covers : Staging, Website (photos, virtual tour & video), Remodel Project Management, Deep Clean, Touch up, Listing Agent Commission, Buyer Agent Commission and Property Maintenance During Showing Period. Here are some of my listings,

Maggie怎麼幫你賣房(一) Maggie 怎麼幫你賣房(二)



Maggie is a member of National Board of Realtor, California Association of Realtors, and Silicon Valley Association of Realtors。

You can contact Maggie Via

Cell: 408-505-3003 / Maggie
My FB page:Maggie Chien-Realtor

Maggie’s Review From Buyers and Sellers


Maggie 怎麼幫你賣房(二)


還沒讀過的可以參考一下這裡 Maggie 怎麼幫你賣房(一)


最近的房市呈現兩極化,Single family屋況好、環境好或學區好一則上市1~2周賣掉,這兩天還聽到Fremont old town, willow glen都是preemptive offer 秒殺!

今天我在Mountain View 的房子要提早關(Close Of Escrow)了,對我來說,這又是另一個挑戰,因為屋主已經搬到外州,原本出租給一對房客說租約到八月,後來說七月底,後來又提早解約交鑰匙,等於是在短短兩周內、屋主不在、Maggie全權處理上市、交屋。

一樣從打掃、Staging、整理報告、跟seller 過disclosure、報告後的維修、拍照、攝影、上市,短短十天搞定。

報告上能修的都修了,我們自己發現問題也修了,我告訴屋主,唯有越少問題留給買方,才有可能收到乾淨明快的offer,現在買賣房屋,Single Family 跟Condo Town house策略大不同。


我們的買家就是一對夫妻三個孩子,三個孩子都要上大學了,這五雙大小不一的拖鞋,不知道有沒有給他們帶來任何感覺 ?

小雜事就不說了,對於一個講究細節的人來說,賣一間房要處理的事情真的太~多,說說大策略,大家應該很好奇,怎麼沒有賣超過Listing Price,這是我們的策略之一。

我在賣房子之前,大概就知道屋主的期待,我把附近所有近一個月成交、正在Pending的房子打了一輪電話,原來這一區的Condo跟Town House收到的offer數不多,甚至不少開過低價的沒offer、開過高價的也沒offer,因此我謹慎以對,跟賣家商量出開出155略略高於市場價的策略。

房屋上市後,從 發現有人密集看報告,打去跟買家經紀好好聊聊,鼓勵她出價,還告訴她,我們知道地板不太好,那你不妨殺殺價。


6/14 客戶的租屋公司交鑰匙給我
6/14-6/23 打掃、Staging、拍照、攝影、準備報告、修繕好幾次
6/24 準時上市 開價$1,549,000
6/30 收到offer
7/22 22天過戶、成交 $1,530,000 高於屋主期待


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